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To you all going to Amsterdam

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I'm definitely interested! I'm fairly certain my partner and I will be going - actually, we want to go, but finances are a bit tight and there has been a question mark over our ability to pay for a hotel... so this would be perfect.

Please PM me if it is still available. Thanks!


Hi Someone,

How sweet of you to offer to lend your father's houseboat to the members here, that's so great!

Do you know that there is a women's group meeting in Amsterdam once a month? If you like to come with with me to one of the meetings I would be delighted to take you there. And if you need another pos woman to talk to,
you are welcome to pm me, and I can give you my phone number.

There also is a hetero group, meeting up in Rotterdam once a month, I have never been there, but I wouldn't mind to go. If you do not like to go alone, just let me know and  I can join you if you like.

And Ann, it is so great to hear that you and your boyfriend are coming, can't wait to give you a big hug!


Hi Someone,

I hope you also will join us when we are going to do great fun things with each other!


By sheer serendipity we,re going to have a little meeting in amsterdam this weekend,
siang, herm, eirin ,..., no agenda, no have-to,s
anyone else there& interested you can pm us J. :-*


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