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To you all going to Amsterdam

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someone somewhere:
Do you all have a house boat yet? I have one that could sleep two fine three if someone wants the couch.I spoke to my dad tonight and he is not going to be using it.

It has a small galley and bathroom with shower in a quiet canal in Amsterdam.

Let me know if your interested and see what we can do.

And yes l am Dutch.....just send me some cookies from home!

Damn another person for me to meet when I am over in hard for me to say if I will be there as I do not know where I am flying until about 30 hours or so before my trip...

someone somewhere:
I am not going to be there but like l said have a boat that can be used.

If l can get there well it would be uncle owns a bar can anyone say free drinks?

Note to self....remember someone somewhere where do you live?  I am all over Europe

Sure somewhere.....

I'll send PM



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