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Tested poz but Feint Line (????)

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Hey guys, I suppose I can finally post in living with HIV forums now.
Tested Poz today. Was a mission, went to 4 pharmacies and 2 hospitals and none of them did it.
(Welcome to South Africa where HIV can be cured by marriage remember??)

Anyways, I did 4 rapid tests. Mainly because they were strange results.
The second line (meaning poz) was very feint.
I did 4 tests.
In the end they determined me Poz (which I'm very sure I am)
But I'm wondering what the very feint line was?
They said it's the first time they got it (???)
Anyone know about this?

Hey there! Sorry for the results, but you don't say what test you got? It seems that you've been living with HIV for some time now because your bf was poz, but you were neg, so you already have had some experience with it. I urge you to take the Western Blot if you only got Elisa, the WB takes more time than a rapid test but is essential!

Good luck :)


There were two different types.
I'm not sure... I only saw the packaging say "Hiv1/2-3" test something.. The other only said "Hiv 1/2"
All four reflected strange results. I'm getting a PCR test very soon ASAP.
As well as starting meds. I wanna start early (asap)

Yeah, I know what it's like living poz. I'm ready for the challenges ahead.
I may be 18 but hell, what's age got to do with it?

I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you get a WB test and WAIT. And if you ARE positive with the WB, then get a full CBC + CD4/VL etc. You can NOT take meds without full blood work. I know it's tempting but waiting to get an idea of what is your overall condition and see how your body reacts to the virus is a necessity. Elisa is an antibody test, WB is an antigen test, the antigen test will look for a combination of proteins that are specific to HIV.


I thought PCR tests were newer technology?


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