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I just wanted to lend a little encouragement to those who are just starting HAART. I began Truvada and Sustiva six weeks ago. I'd been positive for several years and was not happy about having to begin. Although my viral load was low, my platelets were crashing to dangerous levels and my cd4's fell to the 285 range. The first two weeks weren't fun. I had several side effects and felt like crap. They eventually subsided and, though I still have a little trouble with concentration, I'm tolerating things well. I received my first post med test results today. In a very short period of time my viral load is undetectable, my cd 4's are at 385 and my cd 4 percentage has hit 33%, the highest it's been since finding out I was positive. These results are from blood drawn after four weeks on meds. By now things could've improved even more.

If you're freaking out about beginning a drug regimen, hang in there. Things will get better. Take it from someone who was scared, skeptical and cranky!

Thanks for the encouragement.  I am also on Sustiva and Truvada and have seen good improvement.

I get my second results this Wednesday June 28.  I'll post my numbers when I get them Wed night 

Hey Joel,

Congrats on the nice boost in numbers.  Meds are a double edge sword, they might not be the best thing in the world, but the alternative is a lot worse.  Without meds I certainly wouldn't be here right now, and my numbers have improved dramatically since i was diagnosed 9 months ago.

Keep on doing what your doing.

Thanks Joel, I look forward to getting over the side effects.  I am new, on my third night and I am scared but okay. I to want to just get over the side effects part and get my numbers back up.  I am on Sustiva and Truvada...

Thanks for the encouragement.


Agree-side effects aren't pleasant-I felt awful almost one month when I started with meds.There were days when I wanted to stop taking them but,fortunately,I didn't do this...
The result is important!Before meds my cd4 was about 350,few months later cd4 was amost 1000...I think that with this numbers I said enough...
Don't give up with taking meds!
Excellent idea for thema/post Joel!People need good advice and encouragment...


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