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HAART-related Lymphoma

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Oh ,s***  ;D not again
About Adult Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
I know , I know.................gone(eeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Treatment of AIDS Lymphoma (AIDS-NHL)



You know you're not supposed to be posting over here, so why do it? Please respect the guidelines of this forum and stop posting here.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Dear Ann,

With all due respect, SASA has provided some very useful links.  As an LTS, I am in a position where lymphoma and other cancers pose a tremendous threat.  This particalar 'metabolic affect' of HAART has only begun to be addressed. 

Perhaps the 'guidelines' should include postings by those who simply want to provide valuable information, such as SASA has done.  I believe he has done it only in the spirit of helping us LTS.  His posts are not spam or a newbie coming to grips with recent news of infection.

As a result of his posts, I have contacted two healthcare providers for additional information and follow-up care.

Maybe we need to think 'outside the box' a bit here. :)

Thanks so much,



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