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 Hi all, I'm new to the AIDSMEDS forums and looked at the Lymphoma and I went thru chemo once 1999 and went on diffrent combos and my t-cells went to 548 undetectable but they took a dip to 464 and a  small bump in VL and I've had pains in gut and liver area and I made them take x-ray of heart ( I also had heart attacks) and they are sending me for cat scan to explore lymphoma and I'm warried I might have a recurrence. Well I'll look at the other web sites listed before me and hope for the best. By the way I'm so glad to have come to this and going to try to make AMG in S.F. Thanks!

Terrence,  if, god forbid, you or anyone else may be facing non-Hodgkins lymphoma, there is a new treatment called RadioImmnotherapy.  The doctors will not give it to you as a first treatment, but given we are HIV+, if I were diagnosed with NHL, I would insist on RadioImmunotherapy as the first line treatment.  The only reason it is not approved as first line treatment, is that the oncologists and radiologists don't want to 'lose the business' to nuclear medicine.  Sad, but true. 

Best of luck and I hope you are well.

sierrarancher, if you would like to go into the "Living With Forum" and ask your question that would be fine. This forum is limited to people that have had HIV/AIDS for years. This forum is not for the newly infected. 

My Oncologist informed me that Burkitts (NHL) is now considered an AIDS related illness. So much so that when I was diagnosed with Burkitts I was informed "You are likely HIV+ as well" and of course I found out a few days later I was.
 I wonder how many NHL cases are as a result of very low CD4 vs complications from HAART.


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