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This section feels like the Forums I once knew. What a pleasant surprise.

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Having been away quite a while I can only join in the "Eureka wave" for the LTS section.
Measured by the massive response, I am certain it hit the spot.

Joe, fabulous of you to start this all. OMG .. I am overwhelmed.

To all the new people = welcome


I am going to sneak in here and say - "Hermie, I am so happy to see you!"

Eric sneaks out without be noticed... ;D



Sending some BEAR HUGs to Hermie....{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS)))))))))))))))))))

Joe K:
We thought you would like this forum and that is why many of us requested the forum.  One the same day that I posted my thread asking for this forum, Ann had sent a proposal to the team to form the same forum and Tim (Thunter) also posted a thread about establishing a safe place for people to share their concerns.  The threads were then overwhelmed with posts and on a weekend no less.

We asked for the forum on a Friday and it was up and running my Monday.

Obviously, great minds think alike.

And it's even a nicer surprise to hear from you.

If Matt from down under hadn't claimed the title of Cubby Bear, that's what I would be calling you right now.  You know I collect bears, right?  Well, you're a collectable and your certainly a keeper.

Oh Hermie, it's so good to hear form you.



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