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New Protease Inhibitor Prezista (Darunavir) Approved

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just got back my first labs from tmc114(it does have to be boosted with norvir)and I am undetectable, my cd4s remain unchanged at 230. I have been on lipitor for at least 8-9 years but recently on Kaletra my cholesterol went to mid 200s. My cholesterol on tmc114 is back down to 170,which is good. My trys are up over 300. So one out of two isnt bad. I am a glass half full kinda of person today.
Sides are minimal so far. Even the miracle of solid bowel movements!
I went undetectable on Kaletra in the first month also, and then it started climbing in the third month, so I will wait till I get excited about the real results.

Miss Philicia:
Yes, my bowels have miraculously changed as well.  The only side effects I've noticed, and I don't know if it's due to fuzeon or TMC (and others in my support group have as well) is an increase in body sweat.  I'm always overly sweaty which is dreadful in this year's higher summer heat.

I am having same problem. I have been sick lately with a bad cold,have no fever, but have been breaking out in a full sweat while sitting in my a/ced house all day long. really wierd. I thought it was the nyquil but maybe its the tmc.


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