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Well let me tell you how I was in a very simular situation, my BF of 7 yrs swore he was with no one else and that he got infected during a fight!  Well it turned out that he in fact was "dating" other women and the fight never happened, he is a bouncer in our area and so it seemed fesable but as life has it, I ran into a woman he dated and started talking to just by chance waiting for the bus.  She was coming from the doc's office and had just found out, she was so distraught I could not help but offer my help, after she calmed down and we decided to skip our next destinations for coffee and began sharing our war wounds we discovered we were seeing the same man!

We confronted him and the rest as they say is history!

The point I am making is; if you feel it in your heart that he has gone outside the relationship he probably has, and you need to examine the how he got infected, there are limited ways of getting this disease, sex, blood to blood, or injections.

He just did not catch it out of the blue, also if you are positive you have not gone outside the relationship you need to really examine his story, wheather he got it during one of your off times or not he put you at risk because that means he was having unprotected sex, and putting you at risk.  Do you really want to continue to be in a relationship with a person who prefers to be less than honest. The fact is he cheated and you now have to deal with the cheating and the disease double whamy.

Good luck

good luck


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