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I also have had abnormal Paps since being diagnosed (almost 3 years ago).  I was also diagnosed with HPV.  Since then I have had two colposcopies, two ultrasounds and a uterine biopsy.  My GYN dr. had me come in for Paps every six months.  I was getting scared about cervical cancer, which can be associated with HPV.  My doc explained that a large %age of women develop HPV, but it usually disappears on its own.  Mine seemed to be lasting a longer than usual time, so we were becoming concerned.  But - GOOD NEWS - last month both my Pap and the colposcopy were NORMAL!!!  Hopefully, the HPV is finally gone...

So, keep healthy and you should be fine!!


   Thank you for taking the time to write back. I appreciate the good news! Congrats on the good pap.  :)


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