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Does anyone know the oldest person who lived with hiv, I have heard stories of 20, 25 years or so. If anyone knows, I would really like to know, if perhaps one of you have been living with it for several several years or know of someone else who had it for 30 years or so before they left us.

Thanks so much

Hi Worried,

with the new medications there are many many people who live longer now and there is a lot of work done to minimize the side effects of the medications. You might want to read the stories from the Long-Term Survivors forum and this thread:


Just one word : "wishihadacat"  28 years .Oops that makes 3

You know, I have been thinking how hard this is, for those that have to live with this and for those who don't' have it, but have loved ones and very close friends. Certainly it's not has hard, but man I sure have my days. I wanted to say that all these nice responses and all the stuff I have learned, I'm feeling much better about my best Friend. If he can stay around for like 20 some years like many of you, who knows what advances we will have by then. I would like to think that in 20 years, we'll have a cure, or if we don't have a cure, we have medicines with little to NO side effects and people can still live a normal life expectancy, sorry for spelling.
Words of encouragement from the many stories and I just need to keep thinking positive that my friend can live a good 20 plus years, maybe longer. My problem is, I went directly to the end of his life thinking, oh my god I can't loose this friend, how would I go on without him and I need to stop thinking that way and live in the NOW.

Joe K:
I do not believe it matters what your age is, how long you have been infected, because the real issue is not how long you live with HIV, it is HOW WELL YOU LIVE WITH HIV.  Often perspective can be everything.


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