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I used to have very heavy periods, horrible cramps. Then in 2001, after I was really ill with an OI, my periods started to slow down, and only came every 3-4 months.

I talked to the ID doctor and the GYN. GYN wanted to put me on the pill, which I declined because I never felt well on it. The ID doctor did blood work, and my hormones were all normal at that point.

At this point, I have not had a period at all in the past year. I did have night sweats, but I never knew if it was hiv related or period related.

I do think hiv messes up our hormones/ period/ female issues.

hi guyz,
i'm 45 (poz since 84) and have been going through pre-/menopause now for years. it is an area that is only now getting some attention but it would appear that both genders suffer from abnormally low levels of all hormones.

as i suffered from hot flashes and sweat poring out of every pore of my body, not to mention feeling totally off balance to the point of being hysterical i went to my gyno (not just any gyno but a guy that stays on top of all things concerning hiv+). ive tried all of the lower dosed treatments without avail. now i take a half more than the recommended maximum dosage of oestrogen gel and double the recommended dosage of progesterone tablets. now i feel almost normal. im also going to ask him next time about boosting my tostesterone because my sex drive is also around the zero mark.

what i noticed during this process is how little every one knows about the interactions between our meds and or our being hiv+ and menopause. either our meds or our bodies reaction to being hiv eats up not only our natural hormones but also the substitute preparations.

all i can suggest to anyone going through the same thing is stay in there and insist on changing dosages and preparations until u find the one that fits. its no good being safe from getting breast cancer (which is not yet proven in any case) if youre in danger of throwing yourself out the window at the drop of a hat.

cheers frilly

Hi...I'm new here, but am + 24 years.  Am 47 and started perimenopause approximately eight years ago.  Started treating it on my own with anything/everything "natural" (wild yam, cohosh, dong quai, etc.) until I gave in to HRT about six years ago, when I started conventional HIV meds, as well.  (Kept myself more or less healthy for 15 years with anything/everything "natural" for that, too.)  I'm also of the belief that the virus depletes our natural hormones (my boyfriend's testosterone was way low, too) as well as everything else we need to stay healthy.  My biggest gripe with the perimenopause is insomnia.  Have not had a decent "unaided" night's sleep in eight years, which in turn, isn't great for the immune system.  I've found some relief for the insomnia with 5-HTP, Relora (generic Relacore), melatonin, and oh, yes...Valium.


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