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hi guys, i would really like to thank you all for everything.  I dont know if u understand it or not but you are really all i have during this tough time in my life, so thanks for being there for me. 

now to my question...

Can HIV be transmitted through mutual masturbation WHEN the infected partners pre-cum comes in contact with the uninfected partners urethra?  i think this may have happend to me and i am about 75-85% sure the other person had HIV...

Please put all your thoughts and questions in your original thread so that everyone my follow more easily.

Andy Velez:
And the answer is no, at least by the evidence of 25 years in the epidemic. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit and there are no documented cases of transmission via male to male masturbation.

I feel confident in saying you are not going to make history by becoming the first.



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