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What is your mood about future drugs?

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I donīt think a "cure" will be found, because all the cells containing HIV should be killed to achieve erradication and that could be very bad, specially for the brain. But I think excellent meds will be available with little side effects and not prone to resistance.

I'm cautiously optimistic about future drugs as well. And this is even with the not-so-good news about the much-anticipated CCR5 inhibitors. I'm 33; I plan on being around for decades, a lecherous dirty old man, with his Super-Viagra and his rent boys. What makes me sick to my stomach is the thought that more than 90% of HIVers around the world will not have not access to most new drugs. Not unless something changes, dramatically, in treatment access programs. Even in countries where they give free ARVs to everyone who needs them, it's a one-cocktail-fits-all method; and if you fail that regimen, there's no back up unless you can afford to pay for the imported drugs (which about 0.01% can do).

Jonathan, if this isn't prying: what are your numbers? I've been reading about drug holidays and there seems to be an emerging consensus that they might not be such a good idea after all (but of course each individual situation is different). I have a friend who's been off his meds, Sustiva+Combivir, for 9 months, and he wants to go a full year; his latest labs are VL 75K and CD4 290. I'm worried for him, with a CD4 below 300 and a VL that keeps climbing, I don't want him to be "off" his meds for another three months. But he's stubborn. And he plans to run the Chicago marathon in October.

In some places of Africa people not only have no acces to antiretrovirals. Antibiotics for minor infections or even clean drinkable water are not available and cause many deaths. There is so much to do and not only about HIV...

I reckon I've done half my life, n plan to pop off at 80, so optimistic

- matt

Optimistic!  I have been on PI therapy for 5 years and have been very successful with them.  I have had very minimal side effects and nothing too serious that has not already been dealt with.  With the recent announcement of Prezista, that's one more PI I can hopefully be able to use provided I do not develop any resistances to the drug class.  So far, I have a resistance to Nelfinavir but have been able to compensate by boosting regimens.  If I need to make another switch I definitely was not looking forward to having to take Crixivan or Invirase; both drugs have a strong track record with lipo.  Now I have potentially a new drug to consider before leaving the PIs altogether.




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