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What is your mood about future drugs?

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I once said to my doctor: "you suggest me the right drugs to keep me alive for the next 10 years.  Meanwhile scientists and reasearches would have found a cure to clear the bug from all of us."  He just smiled and replied diplomatically: "it is not entirely impossible." 

I am asking this question because I am very new to this scene.  I've read and read many articles on the web. I guess many of you experienced this phase ....  Of course many sites on the web are pure trash (for example finding a 'cure' from frog skin toxins etc).  So I obviously prefer the professional sites (universities) and journals (journal of virology etc).  Then there are other sites like The Body and those of the pharmaceutical industry.

My doctor is cautiously optimistic.  BUT THIS TIME I WANT TO LEARN FROM POZ PEOPLE.  What is your mood? 


 Keep in mind I am newly diagnosed and  new to this club. However I cant help but believe with the new classes of drugs (Integrase, maturation inhibitors, Entry inhibitors) and the pipeline of new existing drugs. New cocktails will be more potent and less prone to resistance than previous regimens. Obviously I have no proof but I do believe this in my heart. Sooner or later Science will find the magic bullet that will cure or continually keep this virus at bay. In closing I am looking forward to watching all the new cocktails and improving numbers from all the fantastic people here.

                          John (soon to be over 200t) I hope....

I am optimistic. New drugs, and refined versions of older drugs are coming out each year. There are enough classes of drugs in enough combinations on the market today to keep someone going for a decade or more before s/he runs through resistance, and that's if they are among the minority that develops resistance 18 months into every regiman (not easy to do, unless you are consistently non-adherent).

Not that you ought to take that as permission to fly through whole classes of drugs. If you commit to them, it's important to take your regimen every day, on time. They really are quite demanding (and in many cases, unforgiving). But there are many people on this site who have been on drug therapy for ten, fifteen, twenty years and more.

I'm one of them, and my adherence has been for crap. I am currently not on meds, but am keeping a lookout for some of the newer blips on the horizon. I imagine I will probably be back on something by this time next year, if not earlier.

I tested positive in 1993. Developed PCP by 1994, and was put on AZT monotherapy. Seriously, we have come SO far since then. We have not had another real breakthrough like the protease inhibitors in 1996, but we continue to make incremental progress - and the Next Big Thing could be right around the bend.

Hang in there. Ten years? Try thirty.

And THAT's without knowing the future :)

Thanks Jonathan. It really helped.  Sometimes I think that my doctor is being optimistic simply to be nice.  Perhaps I am being paranoic.  I have so many questions but I don't know who too ask.  Each time I visit the doctor I bombard him with questions.  Then I search on the net but end up with a headache. 

My doctor is optomistic about the future, and, to a point, I am too.  Right now I have great cocktail that works for me and I am doing everything possible to make sure it keeps working.  But as with all things in my life, I plan for the worst and hope for the best.  So, my honest opinion is that this is all there will be.


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