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Experts Please help......I'm devastated!!!

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Hi Guys, It's lovely to know that the experts on this website are helping a lot of people going through the stresses of their suspected status......or i guess wht they suspect it could be..I've been going through the same for the past few hours....i know t'ws a mistake...but then here's how the story goes..

Last nite i had an encounter with a sex-worker, well we started off with a bit of foreplay, & then i put on a condom & she gave a long blowjob, after which i fingered her for sometime....however i did use disposable gloves (those surgical types) whilst doing so...let me add that during the whole time of encounter i did not engage in either vaginal or anal till here as the story goes & from what i gather i should be at a very low risk...but here's when things slightly changed...

After another round of protected blow job, i told her that i wanted to look at her & ejaculate as i wasn't interested in doing the vaginal or i got up....removed my gloves (which ofcourse would certainly have had the vaginal secretions when i had fingered her), then i momentarily wiped my hands on a towel that she had been using....& started to could there have been any secretions from my fingers that could have entered through the mucous membrane of my penis & caused a threat of HIV??? let me also add that in the middle of all this she also changed my condom....& she had stroked her vagina with her fingers in the exstacy of the moments could any secretions from these have caused a threat. I dont think i really wiped my hands well!!!

Well after i had masturbated for a few moments, she received a call on her i quicly rushed to the restroom & washed my hands......& then came back & it was those moments i'm worried about, i used gloves, but could HIV have permeated through those gloves & from my fingers entered me through my penile area????

I'm not able to sleep & i'm totally devasted that i may be infected with HIV & that would kill my life & my growing career......I know its a mistake & i regret it..but then i need to face it.....what do i do now??? am i looking at a PCR test.....i dont know whether i can wait 13 weeks..i realy need some's realy that moment when i removed the gloves...& then started to masturbate by stroking my penis....was that any risk?????? if so how much?? i guess i may have touched the head of my penis as well!!!

Please help me..................I would certainly be grateful forever...i cheked with the girl as she said she was negative but highly sexually active......!!!!

Please help!!! is there any small % of people who are infected in this way..if so any details would be of great help!!! & if i should do a PCR when should i take it??? just to make sure!!!!

You were WAY protected during this incident.  You had NO risk of HIV whatsoever.  I really dont know what else to say here.  Protected penis, protected HANDS and you're still worried.

I humbly suggest you seek the help of a mental health professional as I don't think your true fears are with HIV.

Good luck.

Good grief, son.  Short of head to toe Saran Wrap,  you were about as covered as anyone could aspire to be.

You don't have any HIV concerns here at all.  NO risk.

Hey thanx for all those quick u feel there's just no chance that any vaginal secretions that coud have got in thru the penile area??? u know i was really worried becoz i din wipe or rinse my fingers & hands thoroughly after the fingering.........& yeah she was quite there were certianly if i anyways just wanted to make sure......& get a test done...when should i get it done...people say a post 4 week PcR is quite reliable??? is it true???? a few words from ann & andy would also help as i did go over their experience in this firld b4 i just posted on this website!!

Andy Velez:
The only thing that's risky in relation this whole incident that you seem so unknowing about the basics in terms of risk. In your anxiety and zealousness to avoid infection you've gone totally over-the-top with unnecessary precautions.

The risks in terms of getting a blowjob or fingering a woman are aboslutely ZERO. No one has even been documented as infected in that manner. Even you in your super anxious state are not going to make history by becoming the first. Read our lesson on transmission and get down with the basics. There's a link to it in the welcome thread which opens this section.

You're worrying needlessly. Become better informed, just follow the basic guidelines consistently which are mainly about always using condoms for intercourse and you can relax and enjoy safer sexuality.



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