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Update on "Disappointing 1st Labs"


So I went back to the doctor I had previously used, whose "bedside" manner I thought was considerably better. He, too, couldn't figure out why, on my first labs after starting a Truvada/Norvir/Reyataz regimen, my CD4s would drop from 186 to 117, and my VL basically stand still around 56,000.

He had me go in for more labs on Monday....and he called last night, to tell me that although he hasn't gotten the VL report back, my CD4s had jumped from 117 to 295. So that's definitely a good sign, and an indication that the meds are working, since I haven't had 295 of those boys since I started being tested! So it could possibly be that I was a slow starter in responding to the regimen, or perhaps the lab work was just wrong.

In any event, I'm encouraged, and thank you all for your help and support.


8)  8) Robert that is great news  8)  8)

When you're more comfy with the whole labs and doc routine, consider delving deeper into benchmarks such as your T4 percentage and your T-cell (CD4+/CD8+) ratio. Go to Blood Tests You'll Need, under Lessons


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