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Newly diagnosed - Is anyone experiencing or experienced hair loss w/ illness???

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Hello everyone out there - I'm incredibly happy to know there is a section for us here.  I have to say since finding out im + for 4 mo. has incredibly been draining on all aspects (spiritual/mental & physical).  I never thought this would happen (but who does).  I let my guard down w/ someone I truly trusted in a committed relationship with for 3 yrs. & he has transmitted this to me & he does not know yet. I havent had the courage to tell him.   But I know he has this & am afraid he will not understand upon me telling him. I think he's a carrier who still does not know he has it b/c he does not have any symptoms.  That's so scary.  I found out b/c one day going to the dr.'s for a routine physical, they told me my WBC was lowon my blood test & I did not think anything of it.  1 mo. later I find out Im +.  My life has now changed in a blink of an eye, literally.  I went through the bouts of side effects from the meds. (truvada/norvir/reyataz). lost alot of weight due to vomitting & diarrhea. Now I'm better but in the last 2 mo. my hair is thinning & falling out at incredible rates. It's very obvious & it's starting to affect me b/c Ihave to go to work in a corporate setting _ I really cant where a hat (smiling) @ work.  Is this temporary or will I end up becoming utterly bald??? Glad u guys are here. God Bless all out there in the fight & the struggle to persevere w/ this "+" journey.  :-[

I haven't noticed any hair loss on my part and have been on meds for a year and a half. I do know that stress can cause hair loss,you should also ask your doctor about this.. Cristy


I agree with Cristy, that stress is factor in hair loss.  You may want to talk to the doctors about the loss of hair.  It could also be that you lost so much weight due to the diarrheah and vomiting, and the vitamin loss from all that.

I hope things start to turn around for you soon.

Take care.

In 2001 I was in the hospital for awhile, and a lot of my hair fell out. The doctor thought is was from the stress and trauma of being ill, and hospitalized.

My hair did grow back, a little thicker and with some curl in it, so I was actually happy since I had always had stick, straight, thin, hair. I was not happy when it was falling out, but after, when it grew back in.

Talk to the doctor about it.

And also, talk to your hair dresser about it. No need to go into specific detail about why if you don't want to. Just say stress...The hair dresser may be able to suggest a different cut or style that can camouflage the loss, or a product that can help the hair appear thicker.


When I was first diagnosed, I was very sick and unhealthy.  My hair fell out in clumps.  I think mine was part stress and part malnutrition from just being ill.  I luckily didn't have side effects with meds, and eventually my hair grew back, and much better than before.  I used to have fine hair, but now it is thick, shiny, and healthy.  I would definitely go to the doctor.  The hair stylists do help (though I was at the point it wasn't possible to hide it all).  Mine didn't ask questions, though later on when she saw me in my healthier state, she asked if my cancer was in remission--I never once said I had cancer, but she must have equated a 20 year old losing hair with being on chemo.


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