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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site, but not Poz or being Poz.  I'm 54 living in Maryland and have been positive since 1985 (I think).  Like so many of us here, it has been a long road.  I have been fortunate, despite the losses along the way, and I am grateful to still be standing.  I look forward to getting to know you and to read your stories and share mine.  Until then,

Ciao -- TJ

Hello TJ! Welcome to the club, even if it is a club none of us really wants to be a member of. LOL

There sure is a lot around here for you to read, that's for sure. LOL Everybody's got a story and everyone's opinionated about the stuff they care about.

Hope you're doing okay as Spring is supposedly arriving in the States. When the, obviously delirious, weatherman here outside of Charlotte uttered the word snowflake tonight I simply turned the TV off. ;) LOL take care and stay warm until Spring finally does arrive.

Welcome, TJ.  Look forward to hearing more from and about you!


Hey everyone,
My name is Craig, Iím 43, and Iím originally from Grand Rapids, MI. When I was 21, I met an older guy in Chicago and moved to Chicago to be with him, and of course to be in Chicago. He swore he didnít know he was infected after I tested positive in August 1992, at 21 years old. Maybe he didnít, who knows, I guess it takes two to tango. I was completely and utterly terrified after my diagnosis. I saw most all my close friends back in Grand Rapids go through horrific deaths from AIDS and I just knew that was my fate also.
Throughout the 90ís I immersed myself in the Chicago club scene. This helped me handle the extreme anxiety I had daily with thinking I was dying of HIV. I also starting going to support groups during this time (TPA) and met others living with HIV which really gave me the strength and encouragement to ďliveĒ with HIV. In 1999 I wanted to work with the HIV community in some capacity so I got a job as an HIV outreach worker at Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago where I would work for close to 10 years. Unlike most of my friends, I wasnít getting sick from HIV and my t-cell count stayed relatively stable and always had a very low viral load  (whenever they started doing VL testing) without medications. It was at HBHC that my life changed drastically. I met people who encouraged me to go back to school and live for my future. I met my current partner in 2006, went back to school and became a registered nurse, and wow, Iím still here all these years later. I do have a little survivorís guilt and still think about all the people I lost but today is SUCH a different day. Iím currently living in Oklahoma City with my partner. Iím taking Isentress/Truvada and doing really well for someone living with HIV for 22 years.  

Hi Cj, welcome to the long termer's section. 

How on earth did you end up in Oklahoma City after living in Michigan and Chicago?  Asking because I was raised in Niles, Michigan/South Bend, Indiana, and have spent a good deal of time in Chicago.  Anyway, I moved to Alabama twice, but ended up back in the South Bend area.  Just wondered what drew you to that area of the country, and if you like it better than the North.

I'm glad you found us, and look forward to hearing more!



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