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sometimes after I speak with my son I break down and cry

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Proudmom, that is something you need to pass along to Peter Staley. Maybe it could be parents with children with HIV/AIDS. Drop Peter a line and run it by him, he's really good about things like this. Ann and Andy can help you out. It sounds like a great idea.


Hi mom, i know how you feel about it since i just knew a week ago that my brother that's been away for more than 10 years has HIV and now undergoing CMV diseases. I don't even know how to open this up with my's so heavy to handle. I know it's difficult but we have to be strong for them. We love them so much and can't bear to lose them. I hope that there are understanding people out there who is willing to share their knowledge about what can CMV do to HIV patients?is there any hope for my brother to be healthy again? Mom, I pray for the speedy recovery of your son.

Sincerely yours,
Tanchika :)


i'm sure andy or one of the other moderators will chime in on your cmv question. keep the faith though.


Hi  mom,
Yes I feel for you imagine when I tested HIV Positive my mom was the greatest strength! she told me I wont stop being her son,We bond and are so closer now pliz show him love,its not the end of life and stop crying He is not goiung to die,I am healthier with HIV now thanm when I did not know its four years now and guess what mom,I am engaged and will be marrying soon,
I get cold like anyone else,I mean in this age......and by the way my fiancee is HIV negative..she has accepted me the way I am and I am happy mom..dont feel for your son just encourage him and tell him the potential he has even with HIV...


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