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Long term survivors under 50 where do they fit in?

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Dan J.:
I have been HIV positive for 21 years. I found out when I was 23yrs old, I am now 44. do I "fit" the criteria for this forum?



You don't have to be over 50 to post in the LTS forum, and you certainly qualify as a Long Term Survivor!

Have a read of the LTS Welcome thread:


Miss Philicia:
Dan, I'm younger than you (42) and I post in LTS.  I found out when I was 28, but had been infected probably around the age of 24.  But more importantly, why do you not feel like you fit in the LTS area in the first place?

Dan J.:
Because I am under 50.

Twenty one years? Dan, you have been a survivor longer than I have! I think you definitely belong in the discussions here.



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