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Tar Heel Horror!


Matty the Damned:
Can't you just feel him wither and die?


"It's hard to imagine a joke more inappropriate than this one by CNN's Nancy Grace".

Definately inappropriate >:(...(but at least Hofstra won their game)


I've been following this story since day one, and frankly it is a joke - Nancy Grace is just trying to get in on some of the laughter. There is so much evidence exhonerating the three Duke students and so much condemning the accuser that this one is literally a no brainer hence Nancy Grace getting in on it. Actually this didn't even make sense as a joke  " what are the rape Stats in this case'  what the Hell does that mean ?
I for one would like to see Nancy Grace sent to Baghdad to cover the Saddam Hussein Trial.  With the way women are viewed in that society it would be an entertaining to say the least.
" Oh NO NO NO , Dear ALLAH please do not send that Evil American Bitch over here, We promise to be good from now on !!!"

Hmmm, first the Arabs take Michael Jackson off our hands, If we could somehow get the Iraqui's to take Nancy Grace, and a few others , we just might have a win win situation here. Lets see, we'll withdraw our troops if the Iraqis will take the following Gaggle of skwaking Media Pigs :
Nancy Grace
Omarossa fromThe Apprentice
All of the women From Bridezillas
Joan Collins
Paris Hilton
The Olson Twins
Those two nazi chicks from 'Prussian Blue'
Monica Lewinsky
Anita Bryant
Whitney Houston
Star Jones
Mary Cheeney, may have to throw in some $$ to work this one
Pamela Anderson, ofcourse
Roseanne Barr
 & last but not least, CONDOLEEZA.

*honorable mention to Madonna but Bush's butt- boy Tony Blair has to cut his own deal.
I'd love to get Tom Cruise into the deal somehow but that may come back to bite us in the ASS... just think do we Really want Muslim Fundamentalist Scientologists out there ???

Ugghh, a red x is all that comes up on my screen. What's this fuss with Nancy Grace?

Anyway Lwood, you know what Whitney would say if she heard you say that   :D


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