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Concerned due to blood expousre


Need some idea if I need to test? I manged to cut thumb trying to open a small shampoo bottle (hotel room). I normally would not worry about it but when I cut myself I noticed the following:
1) The bottle was not full. I noticed that and remember thinking how cheap/lazy the cleaning crew can be.
2) There was some dark almost rust colored stuff on the bottle under the flap. I just rinsed it off and carried on with my shower.
3) I noticed the cut on my thumb after I finished my shower and it was still bleeding. It is deep and is still open. I needed a band aid on it for the entire day.

I am hoping that the stuff I saw on the bottle was my own blood. The issue is that fresh blood is more red in color and the stuff on the bottle was a lot like old blood. My questions are:
1) I checked in the room the prior night so the old stuff on the bottle was atleast 10+ hours old. If this is the case will it be non infective?
2) I was in the shower and using the shampoo/soap etc. Will this stuff kill/reduce the likelyhood of infection?

I did write to the hotel telling them to change the bottles. They have these small plastic flaps you have to push open and if the plastic is poorly finished it is sharp and can cut real deep.

Andy Velez:
You've bundled a bunch of what ifs and a lack of knowledge about the real issues of HIV transmission into a scary scenario that has absolutely no basis in HIV science.

HIV is a fragile virus and not easy to transmit. It requires very specific circumstances for transmission through an exchange of bodily fluids. The elements which you have described don't even remotely fit such a situation.

Please read our lesson on transmission on this site. You'll find a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

In relation to your non-risk incident there is no need for further concern and certainly not for HIV testing.


Thanks for your reply.


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