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This is all too much for me--how about you?

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Thank you all for your kind and supportive words, and all the virtual hugs! right back at you. I will take the advice given because if feels as if its coming from the best place possible: love and concern.

Peace out and c'ya on the boards. I am sending out a round of hugs, too!


Thanks for checking back with us  :) Just remember, with the GMHC, bring paperwork proving you're HIV positive to them, otherwise you'll have to make a second trip.

You can send me a private message "PM" if you want

Hi Priscilla-I saw this on my husbands screen & had to respond. Just so you know, my screenname is kellystiti, his is kellyspoppi(Kelly is our granddaughter)I was 32 yrs old when I tested positive. I had been living in NYC for 12 yrs. and moved back upstate after my 1st husband & I were divorced. I was trying to decide what direction I wanted to take w/ my life when I got the news. My 1st thought was "If I'm lucky I have 3 years." We didn't know what lipo was then, the images I feared wear lesions from ks & emaciated looking people on the verge of death. Luckily, I hooked up w/ a support group right away. Was I blown away to walk in and see all those "normal " looking people. That was 15 years ago this month. My current husband & I met at that support group. (He's been positive 21 yrs.) Unfortunately, they hadn't made the advances in preganancy & HIV soon enough for me to feel comfortable having a baby, but you're lucky to have been born at a time when that is now a much less risky option than it used to be. As for the vanity, I have been that way nmy whole life too. I won't lie to you, I have lipo and my body has changed compltely. But like a lot of things I've learned through having this virus, you are the one that makes things negative or positive. I have started to take a more holistic approach to my well being and even if it doesn't change my body, it's helping my mind. So, hang in there and hook up w/ other people w/ the virus for input & support. The most important thing I can tell you in closing, is that the most important med you can have is a positive attitude. I've seen people w/a good outlook live happier & longer that they ever imagined, including me.  Hugs, Cindy

Like you, I am in school.  It is not the end of the world.  You will have good days and bad days.  It will get better.  Take one day at a time.  You can still have just about all the things you wanted in life before you discovered you were HIV+.

I hope this helps.

I had my first results as well, June 10, 2005 and I was being diagnosed for shortness of breath and loosing more than 10 % weight in 3 months.  Of course the news was a shock, the emotions are endless from self pity to rage to give a f....  I battled with PCP, CMV, and other OI's trying to get the best of me.  My CD4 was 36 with a 3% count and Viral load of 100K.

Spent a lot of time reading the web and hoping to at least live long enough to put my life in order and prepare my wife and family for my passing.  Found religion, guess we turn to what we can.  The doctor and meds within a 6 month time got me back to above a 200 CD4 count and now I am at 440 CD4 with a 26% count and 0 Viral load.  Still have that fear of the unknown, but guess it would be the same with or without HIV.

You will find the strength in yourself and thru others to rise above this and live a long happy life.  You are at the right site for support.

Love and wish the best to be with you, Tom


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