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Ed, my partner of almost 27 years, decided yesterday, to turn in his letter of resignation to his employer. Enough was enough he has decided to retire permanently !!

His resignation will become effective on July 10,07. He has been employed by the same doctor for 30 years now. Ed is the same age as myself (55) he has no intention of going back to work. He certainly deserves this. He has been a loyal and hard working employee all these years. They will have to hire three people to effectively do all the work that he does !!!. They will without a doubt miss him !! This is a big load lifted from him, we have been discussing this for several months now.

He is going to look into private insurance, for himself ( Ed is HIV negative) He's been crunching the numbers, and decided that he can easily do this.

He doesn't realise how much work I have scheduled for him around the house, once he retires. ::) He may just change his mind !!! NO way !....
I am sooooo happy for him !! He needs this....


Congratulations to Ed !   YAY.   I love it when someone actually gets to retire!

I wish him (and you) and very happy retirement!




Another post that went somewhere into cyberspace . Thats two times today. My post disappeared.

I was just kidding with him a couple of minutes ago. I said "don't worry" if we run short of cash, I"ll take on another job !! We laughed ! I am going to start putting together the "to do " lists  ;)

Now, if I can just talk with my company, and try to go on a 4 day work week, that would make me very happy !!


Ray, I am so happy for both of you.  At 55, you both have loads of time, energy and life left to live, so all I can say is welcome to the new life.



I think that is great news!  ;D

I am just elated to hear anyone has the chance to retire. I also am somewhat envious, because chances are I won't get to retire until I turn 75. (LOL)

Get those "honey do's" listed.




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