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Shocking ignorance

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All I can say is "HOLY SHIT!"

I don't think people should necessarily know every states capitols, especially coming from NY, we think New York- California and some tornado land between; but seriously, the states? I don't believe it how bad that is.

The sad thing is that this person is a Substance Abuse Counselor , and presumablly gives people advise on how to get their lives in order....I dont imagine any of her clients take her too seriously after catching her in a moronic lapse like the one mentioned. Does she know the difference between Crystal Lite and Crystal Meth ?  or the similarities between Oxycontin and Oxy Clean ?  In her mind is there a difference between Free Basing and Free Balling?? You could really blow her mind and ask her which is better: Panama Red, Mexican Brown, China White, or Alabama Black Snake....
Thank God she's not a sex ed. counselor....

I can remember seeing this video awhile ago... might make you laugh!


*holding his sides as the chair goes flailing across the room and he hits the floor in thunderous laughter*

(Who believes Intelligence to be a dying trait)

Tell her that there is an added reason why she should go South to Mexico.  The climate is changing and it will be the only habitable place to live because the rest of the northern hemisphere will become covered with ice.  The Rio Grande will freeze and she could walk on the ice.  Tell here also that Nostradamus predicted that a big earthquake will crack the world's crust and all the oil of Iran and Iraq will seep down below to the middle of the earth and be lost. (That is why Iran wants to develop nuclear power).   Then this lost petroleum will fuel the molten lava and explode through volcanoes.  The dust will cover the sky and we will be all extinct like the dinasours.  But there are UFOs hiding in temples of Aztec temples of Mexico ready to ship the very best humans out of planet earth when this disaster strikes.  (On the other side of the globe the UFOs are hidden in the pyramids of Egypt and in Stonehenge).


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