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Shocking ignorance

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You guys are funny so why is Windsor Castle in England? Was that a gift to the people of England? My friend sent me a fill in map of the US and happy to say I know where every state belongs. by as close to twenty miles. Actually in trivia pursuit geography was my strong point.

Mark everyone I know from NM says the food is bitchin'- now I am hungry.  I love good Mexican food which is sorely lacking in NY. We have an old lady here in Queens who makes a great tamales. I prefer the Mexican ones over the Columbian ones.

Johny whose been to both Canada and Windsor Castle, but just not at the same time.

Pretty funny stuff.  As my dad always told me, "You can't fix stupid."

Joe K:
This would really be funny, if it wasn't so damn depressing.  Granted you don't have to be able to pinpoint every country on a globe, but your own country and states?

On Judge Judy the other day, she made the comment: "There are idiots all around us, just look at every third person and they are an idiot."  I'm beginning to think that estimate is too low.

When I was in the first grade I thought "c" and "s" were the same and interchangeable.

So, for the poor college grad, Mexico or New Mexico, same same! Good enough!?

But wait, I thought real Tex-Mex was only served on the border of Mexico and Texas!


Canada - US relations. Who knew?  ;D LOL

Rick Mercer, co-host of the irreverent CBC news satire This Hour Has 22 Minutes ... reveals how little Americans know about Canada in a series of segments called Talking to Americans.

Watch the video clips here:

DID YOU KNOW that a Canadian company has the mining rights to the beloved American national monument Mount Rushmore? It's true! (0:49 | 817KB)

DID YOU KNOW that the capitol building of Canada is a big ass Igloo? Arkansas Governor Michael Huckabee did! (1:21 | 1,345KB)

DID YOU KNOW that a Canadian minute is actually longer than an American minute due to a strange anomaly in the space-time continuum? Iowa Governor Thomas Vilsack did! (1:15 | 1,281KB)

DID YOU KNOW that Canada has a five dollar coin affectionately known as "The Woody"? It's true! (0:23 | 401KB)

DID YOU KNOW that Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien spends a ridiculous amount of his time declaring holidays after American celebrities? American Celebrity Jerry Springer did! (0:44 | 747KB)

DID YOU KNOW that Canada only has, like, 11 states, which is why they totally leach off of the US, which has, like, 50 of them? It's true! (0:49 | 821KB)

DID YOU KNOW that the capital of Canada recently relocated from Ottawa to Toronto? Former Vice-President Al Gore did! (1:34 | 1,693KB)

DID YOU KNOW that the name of Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is pronounced exactly the same as the Canadian dish poutine? United States President George W. Bush does now! (2:06 | 2,373KB)


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