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Shocking ignorance

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So I work at a hospital and the other day one of the substance abuse counselors, who has to have at least a bachelor's degree, starts talking about how she needs to move to New Mexico because that is where all the jobs are. I told her I had not heard about jobs in New Mexico and she said that everyone was talking about how jobs are going to New Mexico. I asked if she meant U.S. jobs are going to Mexico and she said yes. Then, completely serious, she asks me what the difference is between Mexico and New Mexico. I explain that Mexico is another country and New Mexico is a state. Then she asks where Mexico is located and wants to know if Cancun is in Mexico or New Mexico. The cherry on this little cake of geographic obliviousness was a different coworker who chimes in "Do we still have 50 states or have they added some?"

"here's your sign..." :D

I took the opportunity in a Planning Counsil sub-committee that I was disabled for AIDS, not stupidity.  Is there funding for care of those whose minds have been touched by the Sun god?  Have the best day

Being Canadian, I've always heard that Americans are geographically ignorant. Guess I'll have to believe it now.

Oh, and you can tell her that Canada is that gigantic land directly to the North. Or maybe she would need help find "north" too . :-* LOL


I too have experienced such blissfull ignorance.  Meeting people from Detroit while in Windsor, Ontario visiting old room mates from University, and these guys did not know that a) Where Ontario was, b) where Canada was and c) that Windsor was actually a part of a larger entity called Canada; they thought it was just a city on to itself.   Another time, during a major dry heat spell (45 degrees C) in July I had the fortunate chance to see license plates from the US (sorry, can't remember where) and the car actually had a family set of downhill skis on the roof rack. 

I know not everyone is geographically inclined; I'd sure fail tests if pressed but downhill skiing in July?!?!?  Come on people, what were you thinking?!?!?!






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