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Part four is published


For those who have been following along with my story of hejira and gnosis in unlikely places and with the most unlikely characters, chapet four has just been published.

At almost 8000 words, it's twice as long as the standard article I post on The Spin Cycle, and it took the better part of a week to construct and edit. It goes into much greater detail regarding my psychological state and the motovations that led me to begin the quest and take the risks I have. There will be a final chapter and perhaps an epilogue dealing with the aftermath.

As I have repeated from the beginning, this series is explicitly graphic in its depictions of unprotected sex and alternate erotic behaviour between consenting HIV+ adults. The full title of the latest installation is "Deep Inside Man*unt, or Titpig's Adventures in Barebacking Part Four: Fu*king Like Cougars, Cuddling Like Kittens". Those who know me well might wonder at the feline allusion, as I am most def not a cat person. The reason is made clear in the final third of the story.

It has been suggested off the boards that, perhaps, this is an inappropriate platform from which to discuss these issues in so graphic and forthright a fashion. I can only disagree, as this is not just the behaviour of myself and a few other guys. On any given night, hundreds of men in Ft Lauderdale are finding each other on Manhunt, tens of thousands around the country. Over half, by rough estimate, are HIV+. What I'm describing in such graphic detail is the new paradigm for untold multitudes of men, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.

In five years we shall know the extent to which my behaviour and that of my diverse consorts has or hasn't impacted our health. If we cannot feel comfortable discussing such things on a support forum for the positive and those living wth AIDS, where else then?

Once again, this series discusses various sexual acts between HIV+ men in exacting and explicit detail. If such things bother you, please refrain from clicking over. It's not always pretty, but it's the truth.


wow. you used the words "terrifyingly real" ... IMO terrifyingly real "image reels" are a GOOD thing .......  image reels can be scary and threaten our sane minds, anyone who's had them knows this is true....... but they're simply memories flooding the mind in rapid-fire succession. they are not bestowed to the weak, rather to those who are ready to receive them. You didn't go insane, you cried and got in touch with emotions -- you can now file the incident under "S" for "scary shit that I'm gonna use to my advantage"

thank you. and i now understand the blog's raison d'etre. thanks for that too.


I've really enjoyed reading your story, for reasons both obvious and not.  Mind you the obvious ones sure do make chilly wintery Melbourne, feel so much warmer!  Thanks for sharing your personal story.  I think this is an ideal place to share, your not only telling a story and sharing more of your self, there's a bigger picture that you bring up about hundreds of men, not only in Ft. L but across the globe meeting each other on similar grounds.

Don't stop writing Brent.

Brent... What else can I say....HOT very HOT!

I so enjoy reading your stories, you are a truly gifted writer. (amongst other things  ;) )

I needed a few of these after that one!

Beautifully written and humid as a Miami night.

Doxie ;)


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