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I first want to say how much i admire all the moderators here for their compassion and their patience with the all the worrier.

I thought I was educated about HIV transmission until I put myself at risk and now I must admit that general information are often not specific enough to clarify things and therefore forums like this one make a tremendous difference.

Here's my story. I am married and have a kid. Even though I have a great relationship with my wife (including sexually), I am very attracted to kinky fetish activities with "dominant" woman. Because i am not into S/M I decided to have a session with a "fetish" escort but later find out she does regular escort as well. This was 7 weeks ago.

Our activities were very safe until she made me lick her anus (a.k.a rimming) for a while. That was our only contact so to speak.

At then end of the session we discussed and ask her how safe that was and she told me there NO risk. I went home and found out that CDC classifies it at low risk and that there were one documented case. I also found out that many other expert say it's theoretical risk but that there is NO documented to date after 26+ years of epidemic.

I called her back and she kept telling me that it was safe while I was asking whether she knew about her HIV status. She finally told me she's was negative but it seems that she was just exasperated.

I got more scared when I later found out she also put in some of her ad that she's 420 friendly.

I called several counselor who told me basically the same thing which was that as long as there was no blood, the risk was almost null. To be honest, I didn't taste any nor see any but how can you be sure while engaging is this kind of activity. One counselor who thought I was very anxious suggested to test at 28 days with the PCR DNA / Ab combo test from LabCorp which I finally took. Both results came back negative. I was relieved until the company send me a copy of the result by fax.

I read a disclaimer from the test manufacturer saying that PCR DNA doesn't rule out HIV infection and that further tests are required in order to establish a conclusive diagnostic.
I was back to square one. I called the testing company who told me "You can test again if you want and other might tell you too. You're negative as far as we're concerned !". Needless to say I felt that somehow I got ripped off.

My anxiety remains even though I understand that the combination of a very low risk (rimming) and negative results makes a good indicator that I am not infected. However, I can't be certain and I definitely don't want to put my wife at risk (we haven't have sex since the episode).

Is the only way to solve the equation is to wait 5-6 more weeks and get tested with Ab again?

Thanks ....


You don't need standard hiv testing over this incident, let alone PCR testing. There is no way you would have become infected with hiv through rimming. This means you ARE hiv negative after that negative PCR test.

Rimming is a risk for intestinal parasites or bacterial infections, not hiv. I've never heard of this documented case you mention - and I've looked for one previously. Nada. You didn't have a risk.



Thanks so much for replying. I do appreciate it.

FYI, here's a link to the case

I not familiar with medical publication but it seems pretty clear to me in this one that they suspect a transmission via rimming


Do yourself a favour and make sure you read only up-to-date articles. That one is from 1992 - fifteen years ago! If rimming were a real risk - and that article only says MIGHT - we'd know for sure by now. What we DO know for sure is that it is NOT a risk. If it were, we'd tell you and insist you got proper testing. You don't need testing. You didn't have a risk for hiv infection. Rimming is NOT a risk for hiv infection.


Exactly what I was going to point out Ann!  Blast you and your fast fingers!


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