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Am I Mental?

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This is an important thread/discussion, the evidence is the amount of emotion created by the discussion.  The net has a treasure trove of information about mental health or mental illness, your choice. Some of this information is good and a lot of it is open for interpretation and even more of it is bad and should not be taken at face value.  The fortunate or unfortunate thing about psychology is that it is different for each individual and none of us fit the diagnostic boxes outlined in DSM.

Therapists like all other professions have good and bad people and it is up to each of us to find a good therapist, again an issue of individual preference.  the relationship with a therapist is often more important than the information they give.

Chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS always change  diagnostic criteria and mental health professionals are trying to keep up, but one with no experience is going to have a difficult time.  The issues that are in this thread are common to the non HIV population also. we seem to be  more sensitive to them becuase we deal with them more frequently, life and death on a daily basis,  and do not have lthe luxury of denial about our situation, status, numbers.


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