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Hello All,

 I wanted to share my situation with you and get some insight. Back in January I had unprotected sex with a female of unknown status. After we ended our brief relationship I went and got tested this was on January 25. I was tested again on March 28(2 months and 3 days) my results were Negative. However I did test positive for Chlamydia on my January test and was treated.I did not test positive for any other STD's.My 3 month mark is approaching and needless to say I am very very very nervous about the test. I wanted to know what would be my chances of testing Positive for HIV even though I tested Negative at the 8 week mark? Thanks.

Odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you will continue to test negative at the 3 month mark.  Being that you did have a risk, you do need to take the test at 3 months to confirm the other negatives.

The VAST majority of people will seroconvert within 6 weeks. 

Just remember to use condoms for all vaginal or anal intercourse EVERYTIME and I hope we dont see you again for all the right reasons!

Andy Velez:
As AC has indicated, the odds are very much in your favor that you will test negative. The average time to seroconversion is 22 days. And HIV is not an easy virus to transmit, especially from female to male. So yes, I do expect you will test negative.

You do need to learn from this experience. Low risk is not the same as no risk. You can have sex with as many partners as you like. Just do it the safer way which means always, ALWAYS wearing a condom everytime you have intercourse. No exceptions for any reason.

If you're sexually active it's also good to have a full STD panel done regularly. Once a year is good and and every six months is even better.

Good luck with your test result.


I wanted to thank you both for responding to my post. And to also give you an update, I got tested again on the 13th of April and was Negative.The test was done at the 10 week and 5 day mark. I feel pretty confident that my results will be Negative at the 12 week mark. I also tested negative for Hepatitis and Syphillis,but I'm going to get tested for all other STD's just to make sure. I've learned an important lesson from all of this. If you go SCUBA diving make sure you wear a wet suit.Thanks guys and I'll keep you updated.

Andy Velez:
Worry, it's good to know that you have tested negative. With a negative at 10- weeks +, it's virtually a certainty that you will continue to test negative.

I've merged this new thread with your previous one. Please don't start a new thread again. Keep all of your entries here. That way readers can follow the continuity of the exchanges.

Good luck with what I expect will be a slam dunk. And remember to celebrate by always, ALWAYS using a condom when you have intercourse. No exceptions.



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