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Good News: condoms effective against HPV transmission


Tim Horn:
Hi gang...

I just wanted to let everyone know that the New England Journal of Medicine published a new report today, involving a University of Washington study demonstrating that condoms ARE effective in terms of reducing the risk of human papillomavirus infection.  This is pretty big news, as several other (less scientifically sound) studies failed to demonstrate a positive effect of condom use on the incidence of HPV infection (or the development of pracancerous or cancerous lesions).  Nor were these earlier data questioned by many public health folks, thinking that HPV can be spread via skin-to-skin contact and, as a result, may be extremely difficult to avoid, even with consistent use of condoms.

Here's a link to a story I just published for

Definitely encouraging news, especially for those heavily involved in STD prevention work... Jonathan and other experts in the Fears of Getting HIV Forum included.

Tim Horn

Thanks for the info, Tim.   I'll be sure to forward this article to the folks that work in the Prevention Dept. at the ASO that I work for.  I'm sure that the info will be a great addition to their HIV & STD prevention workshops.


I am glad that this study has come out, but it is a little TOO l8 for me.


9/27/2005-1st test results
Viral Load >1,000,000
CD4 204
CD4%age 18
CD4/CD8 ratio .23
11/24/2005- Sustiva/Truvada
Viral Load 140
CD4 402
CD4%age .21
CD4/CD8 ratio .39
Next appt.-06/27/2006 (lab results)

While this is great news, but I am always baffled as to why during this admin.'s  stance on condoms that they (condom makers) weren't more aggressive. On the Saturday the World Cup began there was a Guiness comercial at 11:00 am and hell it didn't do anything for the Irish, yet I fail to see any condom commercials, just alot of KY and viagra ones. I guess the message is keep it stiff, lubed and unwrapped. Not very smart. So how will our gov't react, I guess Ann Coulter 's next book is how the NEJoM guys are all Bitches and take glory in all the babies never made because the seman is in their product.
Btw that's a mighty big pan you got there TH  ;)


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