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My first interview

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Bravo!  Ford

Are you giving autographs ?  :P



--- Quote from: GSOgymrat on June 22, 2006, 03:52:56 PM ---they said I live in a "small Southern town". Greensboro is not New York but it's not Mayberry either.

--- End quote ---

LOL!  :D  :D

Echoing the others: great interview! And anxiety-reducing too. I'm not on meds. When I had my first conversation with my HIV specialist, he said "Don't be afraid of meds!" (I had expressed my fears.) But I AM afraid of them. It's not the nausea or diarrhoea that frightens me, or elevated lipids, or adherence issues; it's the possibility of lipo which really terrifies me. (That and the possible CNS side effects of efavirenz.) So to learn that there are viable treatment options for this is reassuring. Btw, why is the treatment you had not FDA-approved in the United States?


FDA approval is a long and complicated process. I had heard a rumor that bio-alcamid was being submitted for FDA approval. I read Sculptra was fast-tracked through the FDA because of being a HIV lipoatrophy treatment when in reality Dermik is hoping doctors will use it cosmetically for non-HIV patients.


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