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I was interviewed by the The Body website because of my lipoatrophy. It's the first time I have ever been interviewed for anything outside of a company newsletter. You can check it out if interested. You can even hear me talking over a bad telephone line on their podcast! :o  Seriously, I'm glad they put the site together because there are not a lot of resources out there on lipoatrophy. My only caveat is they said I live in a "small Southern town". Greensboro is not New York but it's not Mayberry either.


the link doesn't work Ford

Oops... Try

Dear Ford,

I don't live in New York or Mayberry either but I do get heard.  So does every other person on these forums who has something to say.  You were heard in Greensboro and since our forum membership has grown to 815 members worldwide, you can be heard by us and referred to the people we know.  I check the stats on my site every Tuesday.  It is not unusual to find that some office in the House or Senate has seen it that week.

There are 4 or 5 little monthly newspapers which will print anything I write because, I have outed myself in print and on the air.  They see my words as being valid because I live with the disease 24/7/365.  My words are preferred over the administration because I am real and the admin committee and their staff is prepared and predictable.

You will have other opportunities to be included in press releases and news clips.  Take every possible opportunity because you are speaking for each and every one of us.  Thank you for your efforts and have thebest day

Rob - Dublin:
Hi Ford,

Great interview and extremely infomative for us all. With skills like that I think you should run for office - isnt GWB going back to the ranch next year? :) :)



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