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Hi Ron,

sorry to hear about the evolution of your lipo. I am sitting on my sitting bones right now and can feel them... but it is not as bad (yet ???).

The doc I saw the other day regarding newfill (sculptra) treatment for my face mentioned another patient who had severe buttocks wasting and went for implants.
In my search for more info about fillers it surfaced that Bio Alcamid can be injected in large quantities to treat buttocks. I seem to remember their site even has pics (before after type). I believe there is some info about this kind of filler treatment at but it is in french.

Unfortunately some here have reported that Bio Alcamid (made in Italy) is not yet available in the US.

In the meantime you could get one of those gel cushions they make for patients in hospital (can't remember the name of the gel...) whenever you have to sit; they are made to prevent the problem you are facing.

Bonne chance



Also read Ford's (GSOGymrat's) posts about his treatment with PMMA.  He had his butt "refilled" with the stuff.  He had to go to Brazil for it, unfortunately, but I think that the treatment is under review by the FDA for use here in the U.S.

As for your facial lipo, I have the same reaction.  Few people seem to notice it other than to say, "Oh, you've lost some weight."  In fact, that was how I first noticed it -- I wondered why people kept telling me that when, in fact, I hadn't lost a pound.  I've now had two Sculptra treatments and look pretty normal.  (Not the same as I looked before, mind you, but at least not wasted looking.)  Sculptra's patient assistance program may be of interest to you since finances sound like they're an issue.

Best of luck,


Thanks guys.  I will be talking with my doc this week to see what he is learning from his colleagues.



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