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some help plz

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Andy Velez:
Good luck with your test next week.

And stay productively busy. It really does help to make the time pass faster than you can imagine is possible.


yeah..i took today off and found this forum it was very hard for me to post but i figured i should. I wll relax and spend time with my siblings....go back to work and concentrate with what i gotta do there like i said i have a lot of pressure from other things so i guess i'll deal with what i can control for now and hope for the best.

Andy Velez:
Sounds like a plan. Just stay busy. Not frantically and compulsively, but at a good working clip. Connect with other people and be glad for today.

Let the future take care of itself. I expect you to come out of this ok.


i sent you a PM. check it out.

thanx for everything guys. It was great to find a place where people can give you facts about HIV cause there is so much out there on the net.


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