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some help plz

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Your guilt is very evident in your post.  Try not to compound that you feel badly about what happened with HIV ok?  HIV is not a punishment for a mistake, and frankly whether you think it was a mistake or not is up to you.  In other words, no judgements are given here.

We see that guilt thing allot at aidmeds, and I think it would be better you don't fall into that very common reaction.

Also, forgive happened, and its really,really common that in great times of stress we humans do something uncharacteristic.  Sometimes its before a wedding, or birth of a child, and perhaps that's what you should look at.  Beating yourself up won't change the past, and the best way to move forward is to figure out why and then decide if the outcome was what you hoped for.

You protected yourself, I think you should be proud of that, the condom broke which is unlucky.



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