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About a month ago i did something that is completely out of character...i went to a massage parlor and had intercourse with a woman there. During intercourse the condom ripped. thats basically what happened. I have been going through a really tough time. About 7 months ago i got engaged. Because of many reasons involving work i have not seen my fiance (long distance relationship) for about a year. I love her so much and i'm scared i wil loose her. The reason i went to the massage place was because i felt lonely...really alone and a lot of pressure. THe kinda of work that i do i'm the youngest one there and one of the top preformers i constantly have a lot of pressure. I am also going to be moving to a different country and i have to start all over with my new wife. I have a lot of pressure at home from my parents and from the ppl around me. I guess thats why i went to that sort of i'm not sure what to do. I am depressed and i'm still able to hide my feelings but ppl are noticing that i'm acting weird cause i'm usually a happy out going person. I talked to the lady that runs the place and she said the girl that i was with is was new and it was her first nite and that i have nothing to worry about that she has been tested and that she's fine. I don't belive her i don't think she would just be like yeah well sorry kid u got HIV. Even though i wasn't inside for too long when i pulled out and saw the condom ripped i pretty much felt like my whole world had collapse and that life is over. I"m scared that if i'm positive...i dunno what i'll do. i went and got tested and and it came back negative but that was like 3 days after this happened. I will wait for the 3 month period and get tested again. I have diarrhea now but i realize that this could be cause of the emotional stress that i'm under at the moment. I don't feel like i can talk to anyone about this and from reading the threats here HIV is harderd to transmit from a woman to a man....there is a lot of guilt as well especially because the girl was very dry when we had intercourse.....i feel like i raped her or something...there is just such a mix of emotions right now....i can't eat well i dun sleep well...i talked to the lady that runs the place again yesturday and she again assured me i have nothing to worry about...any ideas...i just think about the odds and hope that chances are on my side...i have never done ne thing like this and i'm scared my life will come to an end...over one stupid mistake...

Get tested again at thirteen weeks for your conclusive test. You might want to seek out a mental heath professional to get you through your wait.

thanx for the quick reply....menatally i think i can handle it i just need to think i guess just think and plan....what do u think my chances of testing positive are??

Andy Velez:
There are a few HIV science realities that should be of some relief to you. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It is significantly more difficult to transmit it from female to male. This was a single incident during which until the condom broke you were protected.

Could transmission happen IF the woman was HIV+? Yes. Would it be likely in the circumstances you have described? NO!

But low risk is not the same as no risk so you do need to test at 13 weeks.

Also, the average time to seroconversion is 22 days. All but the very smallest number of those who are going to seroconvert will do so within 4-6 weeks after an exposure to the virus. So if you were to get tested at 6 weeks and collect a negative that would be very encouraging.

The bottom line is the odds are in your favor that you will come through this ok.


thanx Andy i think my biggest concern is that right now i have a lot of pressure from other parts of my life and then i made this mistake...deep down inside i feel like i can get thru this but u know you read so much and i guess its normal for ur mind to wonder...i will get tested next week probably and then again at 13 weeks...i think this whole situation is making me stronger as a person and its been a learning experience....i hope that the tests will be negative but i must prepare for ne thing i guess. I'm glad that the odds are on my side though...but you are right low risk is not no risk


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