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scared for my wife

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They didn't test you on the spot because you told them you already had a conclusive fourteen week negative. Besides, what you describe has nothing to do with hiv. How could it when you don't have hiv?

Like your doctor, I would suspect a gall-bladder problem. Make sure you attend the follow-up appointments.

You are conclusively negative for hiv and all the worry in the world won't change that fact. The ONLY thing that may change that fact is if you go out and engage in unprotected intercourse. Use condoms and avoid hiv infection.


Also sounds like appendicitis.  Which i've had and it sucks.

im back and still worried,i just had another stomach pain last night that lasted about 2 hours again started as a heartburn and then got worst,could this be one of those gas problem that pos. people are experiencing.and went to my doc. last week but she's on vac. and she have a replacement for a week,she's the one that i talked  and i asked her about the enzymes in my blood that they found in the hos. and she said its due from drinking too much alcohol which make sense a little bit coz i was drinking heavily this past 7 months,and just gave me a appont. for a ultra sound for my gall bladder thing and that was done. todat, i called my doc. for my hiv test and the nurse answer and i asked for my test useally she would say if its in or not  and give me the result on the phone but this time she asked for my # and she said my doc.will call me and this made me nervous. i mean why would she has to call my doc. to call me  this made me think that the test is in and she just doent wanna deal with me coz of the result.anyway,the nurse phone back and she simply just say that the test is not back yet so she could not  give me any result in a sarcastic kinda way or maybe its just me.again this made me think that my busy thats why the nurse called me back not her,coz maybe shes so busy that when she tells me the bad news she wouldnt have a time to spare to comfort me.and this... is my imagination...or this is what really happened?

i hope 14 weeks is really good enough for hiv testing....and in my case .i know some people tested neg. at this time but then still test pos. after 6 months.
still have some little pimple like on my face,some looks like just a little bump and some have small fuzz in the middle that is more obvious when get wet,yes typical hiv rash,headaches,and weird feelings on my legs and loose vm.thanks again

Pay attention! YOU DID NOT HAVE A RISK. YOU ARE NEGATIVE.. If you have a concern see your doctor. This is an HIV assessment forum.

hi guys im back and the result is back and it was negative.i just wanna say thank u all specially to ann,rod,andy,and acinKC. for being nice to everyone like me eventhought some of us,definately not me ,can be rude sometimes u guys r still here to give us support.


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