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first,i wanna say thanks to everybody that keeps thi site running its very good one for somebody like me.i will make this really fast,i am a 31 male and married to a wonderfull woman who loves me very much,i made a terrible mistake one night and went to a stip club and  got drunk.fastfoward, i had sex with one of the stripper with a condom on, a week later i got sick.i had a flue and seems like a regular flu,but with diahrea,and cough. 2 weeks after the incident i had some liquid coming out of my penis and i knw it was chlamydia,went to the doc. to get tested and the doc. said it should be a good idea to get tested for hiv as well and as soon as he told me that i was like, oh no!!! my head was just turning.a week past the test came back and i was right chlamydia was pos. and of course the hiv test came back negg.about 3 to 4 weeks after the incident the rest of my symtoms appeared likke muscle pain,tinggling sensetion to my legs and arms,diarhea is still there and the famous rash, as soon as a realized that this maybe a ars symtom my anziety went off the roof. weeks past by and im on my 14th weeks diarhea is still there and rash and the tinggling,decided to get tested and the test came back neg. i and my wife couldnt beleive we were so happy that day that we celebrated u know...without protection.fastforward, im in my 9 months now and still worried just bec. i get tired really easily this past few weeks so tired that i just wanna sit down or sleep plus my wife is showing the same rash that i have even now though not so much as before.i forgot to mention that i still have irregular vm. and i think sometimes my legs feel cold and the tinggiling is still 3 dyas ago i decided t ge tested again,i went to the doc.this fri. and will know the result this coming week.i hope i dont get the suprise of my life.wish me luck and thank u for reading my story,im from van.b.c. btw.


You did not have a risk for hiv infection so it is no surprise you have tested conclusively negative for hiv.

Chlamydia is another kettle of fish and it is entirely possible to become infected with it in the situation you did. Unlike hiv, chlamydia is easy to transmit and condoms don't always protect if you get some chlamydia-infected fluids on your penis.

Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus that is transmitted INSIDE the human body, as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. Condoms have been proven to prevent hiv infection.

You do not have hiv. Whatever is causing you and your wife's problems have nothing to do with hiv. You both need to see your doctor to find out what is going on. We cannot diagnose you here, but we can tell you that you have tested conclusively negative for hiv - you do not have hiv.


thanks Ann,some how i was waiting for your comment and some other regular here.i will get my result this week and hopefully it stays doc.said i could be just stressed out thats why i keep feeling this way and my wife's pimple all over her body and a weird pimple looking bumb about 2 inches above her vag.... is just a coincident,i really hope so.thanks Ann and to people that keep this site runnin i will let u know my result.thanks again ...fingers cross and still feelin tired

Andy Velez:
Nothing you have described about your wife's physical symptoms is suggestive of HIV.

If her symptoms continue she should discuss them with her doctor.

I expect you will test negative for HIV. Guilt is a whole other matter and you seem to be loaded with it after having strayed. You're just a dawg like the rest of us. You can't undo that bit of your personal history. See it, accept it, take a breath and let it go. That's the best thing you can do for all concerned. Really.

Good luck on your test.


thanks ANDY for the a bit worried again,just came back from the hospital,i have to go the emergency last night because my back and stomach was hurting really bad and having a difficulty breathing.first i thought it was a heartburn then it felt like something i s sqeezing my body from the inside.and then for some reason i thought that going to the toilet would help,but it didnt.went to the washroom 3 times.anyway,the emergency doc. thought that it maybe hep.b or c coz they found out that the pain is really comig from the right side of my stomach.they did some test and it came back neg. but the doc. said that they found some enzymes in my liver (dont know what that means) .but he think that it might be my gall bladder that causing the pain, and gave me some pain killer and send me home and told me to get an x-ray just to make sure.i forgot to mention that i told him i got tested for HIVand he told me to get it check againwith m family doc. evethough i told him this is after 14 weeks since my exposure.i just have a question,,, howcome after telling them about my hiv concern still they did not test me on the spot.and just did the hep b and c.and could this be a symtom of hiv.

thanks again and pls. be patience with me im jst really worried.
still waiting for my result.


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