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Went to the doc-going into hospital. (update)

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Are you just doing this so you can get out of mowing the lawn? Me and the Sammers are thinking of you.

What are you going to do after the grand tour of the "Casey Jones Museum"?

Luv ya,

Yes I am doing all of this just so I don't have to mow the yard. Ya got me. the doc lanced it again today and packed it with gauze. They will change the bandage daily. I will be going to the infusion clinic for a week and then I will start oral antibiotics. I can't take a shower or a bath so it's sponge bath time for me. I'm gonna feel like a dirty boy before this is all over. Wanna smell my pits? LOL

Hal you know as well as I do that there isn't much to "show" around here in Jackson. I could take him to Pinson Mounds. that would be interesting for about 15 minutes. LOL We could drive up to Reelfoot Lake then I could show him where I grew up in Union City. The trailer park where I was raped at the age of 16, the house where the neighbor boy molested me when I was 7. The high school I have so many fond memories of. (NOT) Hell you never know we just might pop in on you and go to dinner one night. If you want. I miss you buddy. Hope Sammers is doing ok. Give him a big kiss from his uncle Dan!
Lots of love and  :-* to you also.


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