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Soccer not our thing.

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Scoccer is not our thing.

The Canuck:
Agree..and always find it extremely boring.  :-\

The Canuck

I never cared for soccer(football) until I happened upon this FIFA Cup. I was hooked by the first game. I never watch sports, and normally would not havre given it another thought, but it moves faster that American football(NFL), is far more engaging than basketball, and way more exciting than baseball.
I just can't believe I forgot to turn on the game.

(who strained something trying to kick herself in her own keister)

Since I'm watching more games....I'm starting to get into it.  It's not bad once you figured out what the hell is going on.  Cause when I didn't know jack about the game....I was just like....urrrrrgggg, ALL THEY ARE DOING IS RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE DAMN FIELD.

But now I can see some strategy.  But I still find it boring, if I'm not with a bunch of other folks and drinking.  (unless I have some interest in the game, like seeing the Americans lose a must win game....damn punks).

I dont see the tallent and foot work  in the US team as the upper tier teams.


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