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Ann, it just is!!!


Hi Ann,
Do you mind if I copy what you have typed in next to your posts? I've been searching the internet for quotes and looking at other people's quotes here and I just can't find anything that says exactly how I feel about all this HIV bull....!
I had the quote on my posts by Emerson that said "I hate quotations. Tell me what you know".
But there was absolutely NO truth to that, I love quotes!! ;D
If you'd prefer that I find my own, it's not a problem and I'll change it right away!!


Hi Kelly,

As I said in my PM, I don't mind. It was originally written on a day when that's how I felt like answering some of the questions in the Am I Infected forum, and I forgot to change it. It kinda fits for everything anyway, so I'll probably leave it up unless I find something I like better.


LMAO!!!! 8) Thanks so much, Ann.



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