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I passed my degree...

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I must say that your determination to continue with your studies through all that you have to deal with, you're doing an excellent job -- much better than I would have done.  Continue going forward Chris, and in the end, it will all pay off for you.  That is my wish for you. 

Be proud of yourself honey.  You've come a long way baby.  I'M DAMN PROUD OF YOU!!!


Trish :)

Congrats Chris

U  Da MAN!!!

Hope it was exciting

Poz Brit:
Congratulations Chris, You Have done really well, and considering all that you have gone through this year. Letís hope this degree puts a few pluses in your life.

Hugs and stuff


Aww thanks for the kind words everyone.  John that picture is brilliant i've been close to falling asleep in lessons several times before thats for sure!  No more education for me I think Cliff i've got a big enough student debt as it is without adding to it.  I'm job hunting now had one interview couple of weeks ago but didnt get that one unfortunately but i've got another one tomorrow so fingers crossed, it's 2 hours long though so i'm not looking forward to it!

that's great news! well done  8)



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