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Hello everyone, 
   The last 14 weeks have been incredibly hard for me and I have nothing but respect and compassion for the people that post on this board and help out people who are having hard times with thier virus or the potential of having a virus.
  With that said my situation is as follows.
Sex with HIV positive person,
about 3 days later, a feel a sore throat coming on, this was followed by some joint pain. At 5 days I developed a red rash on hands feet and knees, followed by penis pain. I then came down with a high fever for the next couple days and was unable to eat. At about 8 days I had an outbreak of HPV, that I never had noticed or seen before. This was followed by what was identified as three mollusks on my neck, and red dots on my stomach that still remain. One week later I felt fine, but was scared and went to an ID who gave me a cd4/cd8 count and bdna. My count was normal cd4 990, cd8 447, and bdna was undetectable. I ran another one of these at 7 weeks with an elisa, still undetectable and non reactive ( I know too much testing, I was very scared). Throughout this whole time, i developed an ear infection that was resistant to antibiotics and tonsilitis which persists too this day, but is getting better. I know have had very dry skin in the last 6 weeks and am having trouble getting rid of another skin rash. Which brings me to my negative 14 week oraquick. I just don't know what to think. Could hiv be hiding somewhere, would I have tested positive by now. Any suggestions, comments, thoughts. I was almost over this but it just keeps manifesting as something else. Thank you all for your comments

Whatever your problem, it's unrelated to HIV. See your dermatologist. You are negative.

Andy Velez:
No, HIV doesn't "hide." You have reliably tested negative for HIV. You are HIV negative. Period. End of story.

If your risk involved unprotected intercourse then you need to learn from this experience. In the future you should always be using condoms for intercourse. No exceptions.

As for your symptoms, you've reliably eliminated HIV as a factor. So you and your doctor(s) need to sort out what the real causes of your symptoms maybe.


If all those symptoms were related to HIV as you say,  the virus would be wreaking havoc on your body and therefore be completely detectable by the test.   

You are reliably negative.   Talk to your doctor about your symptoms as they have nothing to do with HIV.

I really like your quote.


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