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Serosorting: does it make sense?

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Being in a Poz Poz relationship, I have had personal interest in this topic.  There are many articles OUT there on this....

Thanks to you all.  Till six months ago I knew almost next to nothing about HIV.  I just knew that it is uncurable and that it destroys the immune system and that in some chaps it can manifest its effects just after 2 years or even less but others survive with it much longer.  I did not even know of such things as CD4 count (although I knew about white blood cells).

As Jonathan said I am probably confusing issues.  Thanks Matt (and also kcmetroman) for those links. 

So basically my question is this.  If I am subtype B circling in me and my partner has subtype A, does this mean that we can give the virus to each other so that I will end up with both A and B?  Similarly my partner will end up with both.  If theoretically this could happen then it appears that serosorting is useless after all. 

I don't know if I am confusing issues once again. 

On the A+B question, the answer is potentially yes.

Your HIV infection is a mixture of variants anyway, like a bag of sweets.

The biggest variable here is probably viral load, lower is better.

Having unprotected sex with other HIV+ people is not useless.  It prevents HIV transmission to HIV- people. 

The risk you take on getting a second infection, you will decide on whether this is a real threat, or too theoretical to worry about. Different people will decided different things under different circumstances.

My version of checking out a hot positive boy involves asking nosey questions about viral load, treatment, adherence, sexual habits etc etc etc.  Not everyone's version....

 - matt

I understand serosorting, and maybe I'd be more interested in it if I were actively dating. I don't have unprotected sex, errr, well, I don't have any type of sex right now, but I cannot see myself wanting unprotected sex with a poz or neg person. It is hard to find "the one" before factoring in +/-. I'd like to find Prince Charming whether he is poz or neg. 

I know that there are lots of people who think that super-infection is not something to worry about. I still do. It seems to me that the medical community is saying that it happens rarely.  I think JK said that there are only 20 (or so) documented cases. I don't want to be #21. Supposedly it is rare to get HIV from only one act of unprotected sex- I already lost that draw.  And then there are all of those other STDs that make life with HIV more complicated.  Oy vey. Maybe I'll just wrap myself in Saran Wrap and watch And The Band Played On again.


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