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Can she bake a Cherry pie Billy Boi, Billy Boi?


HI Forum Friends,

I remember that song from Mrs. Barkhurst class in Elementary School.  Of course, they call it Primary School now and the spelling of BOY has been changed to protect the innocent or at the very least the free from guilt.

Anyways, last week at the Food for Thought, Sonoma Counties AIDS Food Bank, I picked up a Cherry pie as donated from Safeway Inc.  I just cut into it and the damn thing, labeled Cherry was really Blackberry.  How come they never mis-label lobster and give some of that away?  Have the best day

a bonus if you ask me


(who loves berry pies)

Somebody at the Grocery store mis labeled $12 a pound sundreid Tomatos as  $2 a pound Dried  Chilis...
" Gee You sure like Chili peppers" the cashier said. "Yep"  I still grin when I think about it.


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