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Letters to legislator destroyed by HIV Clinic

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 Mr. Terry:

I recently joined a bipartisan effort in the Senate urging President Bush to support an increase in the 2007 international affairs budget. Our letter pointed out that this funding should be viewed as an investment in a safer, more stable world.

The international affairs budget contains a very diverse set of programs designed to combat the proliferation of nuclear weapons, provide for worldwide maternal and child health programs, encourage economic development, respond to global HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, fight poverty and illiteracy, and reduce environmental degradation.

Programs like the ones listed above can make our nation and the world a safer and more secure place. The international affairs budget also includes the emergency food aid program which provides relief for those suffering from famine and disaster, as well as programs to increase international understanding though such organizations as the Peace Corps and through people-to-people educational and cultural exchanges.

I am proud to stand with a broad bipartisan group of Senators in the effort to increase funding for the international affairs budget. With wise expenditures and effective programs, we can face the global challenges of today and those to come in the future.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator


June 1, 2006

Mr. Terry
xxxxx Drive
Guerneville, California 95446

Dear Mr. Terry:

Thank you for contacting me with your thoughts on the tax-exempt status of the American Family Association (AFA). I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

Your concern for the tax-exempt status of an organization like the AFA is understandable. As you know, religious groups can lose their tax-exempt status if they engage in political speech. It is important that we balance a groups right to free speech with the consideration afforded to them under our tax laws. Be assured that I will continue to monitor this situation and fight to make sure that groups are acting within the bounds of the law.

Again, it's good to hear from you. The people of Marin and Sonoma County are the most important voices I listen to as I serve in Congress.

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey

Dear Terry,

You have lived here 15 years longer than I have and have been constantly and consistently politically active.  The one time we met in person was the first time the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS wanted to put me on public display.  As you noticed during our conversation, Mr. Allen Nishikawa chose that moment to interupt and have me speak about my web site  That was the only time the COA publicly admitted having any knowledge of that site.  I was also being kept busy so I would not have the opportunity to go outside for the TV cameras.  They sent 2 other commissioners because they could count on them to say the prepared statements and me being new was unpredictable.

I told the Executive Committee last week that I was an Activist, first, last and always.  I can work a room and the press better than any of them or all of them combined.  That is what I do.  That night, Lois Pearlman offered to print anything I write.  Gary Carnivale asks me for stories.  Katy Hillenmeyer called me three times on the Local HIV funds at risk article and has asked I send everything directly to her.  It appears her editor has not been getting my news releases to her.

Having been delegated as an AIDS patient which can be taken off the shelf for public display at will, was a mistake for the COA and the committees.  We have to keep writing because there are over 1 milion people living with HIV/AIDS in this country.  With over 700 living in our county (as known cases) and an additional 1300-1400 who are not yet in care.  It is up to us otherwise everyone will lose.  Have the best day


Sorry you must have me confused with some other hot Guerneville stud.

I have never met nor talked to you.

Terry  ???

I was comparing the Epidemiology reports of Sonoma County with the State of Iowa the other day.  I was surprised at my findings.  The most recent data I could find from Iowa was FY 2004 and the current Epi report of Sonoma County is FY 2005.  

Sonoma County- 1800- 2100 known cases
Iowa-                1565 known cases with an expected 64 new cases annually

Sonoma County- RWCA Title I, II, III, & IV funding.
Iowa-                RWCA Title II, & III funding only.

There are only two ASO's in the entire state of Iowa

Of the two Senate Committees, Senate Committee on Budget and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and the House Ways and Means Committee and Sub-committee on Health.

California has two votes in the House of Representatives and Zero votes in the Senate.  One of those votes is Congressman William M. Thomas, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the most influential committee of them all and he will side with President Bush on every issue.  He is retiring at the end of this term.  

Iowa has two votes in the Senate and 1 vote in the House.  RWCA Funding amounts for Iowa is $3,701,995.00 (Title II & III), Sonoma County will get $1,028,000.00 (Title I) $233,538.00 (Title II) for an equal amount of client/patients (FY 2007).

When the new RWCA legislation reaches the House and Senate floor, if the bill is passed as written  Sonoma County will lose their Title I funding because the funding levels are based on the living AIDS cases of the past 5 years and the majority of California AIDS patients have lived over 5 years.  Personally, I have been a California AIDS patient 10 years (tomorrow) and I do not fit into that equation.  Sacramento and Santa Clara Counties are also expected to lose their Title I funding for keeping their patients living.  Have the best day


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