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Andy Velez:
The risks related to rimming are not connected to HIV. Your saliva would act as an inhibitory element on HIV.

However, the anus is the germiest orifice in the body so you do need to be aware that rimming does potentially expose you to other STDs. You should get tested regularly if this is a part of your sexual activities, say every six months and more frequently if you develop any problematic symptoms.

But as far as HIV is concerned it is not an issue.


Matty the Damned:

Sorry about that babe. I should have used the last posts facility before accusing you of the heinous crime of multiple threading in Am I Infected. In the old forums one had to undertake a search of the records to bring up peoples previous posts and it was a pain in the arse. Here, as Ann has revealed, it's much easier.

As you were! :D

(Who loves being able to blame just about anything on the Old Forums)

Thanks Ann and Andy.   I appreciate your time and advice.   I think I am going to change my sexual safety to include dental dams for rimming and condoms for oral.  As mentioned, I have always used condoms for anal and never had a slip or break.   I have been lately "freaking" out the possibility of precum and then read about the anal fluids and it got my mind going.   So out come the condoms and dental dams for oral and rimming.   I like sex without worry.



If you feel dental dams are the way to go, you should know that they can be a bit difficult to get ahold of - so here's two tips. One, use saran/plastic food wrap/cling film. Two, cut a condom in half length-wise and open out.



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